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01-Jul-2016 12:20

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May the fourth is one of the best days of the year.It’s not just a clever pun (“May the fourth be with you”), but also, if you didn’t know already, today is actually Star Wars day.Unsurprisingly, virtually the whole of Mexico was offended by these remarks. The immigration controversy continued after the San Bernardino shootings when Trump saw the actions of two radicals as cause to ban an entire religion from entering the US.Not one to let a tragic event hinder the campaign steamroller, Trump continues to support this policy. Can we expect a more practical approach to preventing tragedies like this in the future?

Now confirmed as the Republican Party nominee, the billionaire’s unique style of politics is set to take even greater prominence than previously thought possible.Yeah we get it, before “The Force Awakens” came out, it felt like every day was Star Wars day, with stores selling themed apparel, games, toys, blood pressure medication, retainers and who knows what else.But to celebrate this special occasion anyway, we at the Clog have compiled a list of quotes relevant to finals season. We often pretend that these movies — like our first frat parties in freshman year — never happened. ” — Darth Vader, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith This is self-explanatory.Watch: Yes, that's "I believe that we will win," the Utah State student section's pregame chant. I could watch it 10 more.)Tipster Mids was curious: Is this chant spreading, "Zombie Nation"-like, across the country? The majority of the videos on You Tube are of Utah State's student section; some are higher quality than others, but all of them are impressive.

I've seen it before, but never in such high video quality, not until the tremendous Mile High Mids passed it along on Twitter. There are a few clips of San Diego State's "The Show" student section organizing the chant last year. 6, 2003 story in the Washington Post, the chant originated at a Navy football game, when Navy -- in one of their first promising seasons in decades -- was trailing No.

“A jawa hops onto the Millennium Falcon with 5 droidekas, how many ewoks does he have? Yoda’s definitely not checking his Instagram every two seconds. “I have waited a long time for this moment, my little green friend.” — Darth Sidious, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith This feels especially relevant when your seasonal allergies or that debilitating cold release a mammoth booger on your exam paper. When you’re having a slimy Jabba the Hut moment, at least this quote will carry you through. You better study like there’s no for that major requirement, you nerf herder. If you’ve been looking for solid advice from anyone other than Obi-Wan, then you’ve been looking for advice in Alderaan places. ” — Admiral Ackbar, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Always keep an eye open for trick questions. You could be that weird-looking green guy that gets his arm hacked off in a seedy Mos Eisley bar.

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In 1979, he lost the election for student body president and received a personal letter from former U. president Richard Nixon (with whom he had a mutual friend) encouraging him to use the loss as a learning experience. His other Broadway credits include Caryl Churchill's Serious Money with Kate Nelligan and a revival of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, for which his performance as Stanley Kowalski garnered a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor.… continue reading »

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